Wine & Design: Flour & Floral Workshop
6:00 PM18:00

Wine & Design: Flour & Floral Workshop

Flour & Floral Workshop

This month we are enjoying a play on words and have teamed up with Honey and Clover (IG: @honeycloverpastry) to have a Flour and Flower class.

Using sumptuous cakes made by our local bakery star, the participants will be given step-by-step instructions for assembling this naked treat.  For this workshop, the cake will be a simple Vanilla Chiffon cake, with frosting choices of Lavender honey, Hibiscus berry or Chamomile Jasmine. There will also be an organic caramel for the finishing touch and a take-home kit with recipes will be included! The delectable dessert will be topped with hand-placed florals for the final touch.

Then, we will be gathering a fistful of lush greens as a foundation for our organically designed hand-tied bouquet.  Add a few focal florals and a bit of sweet filler florals for a perfect mini-bouquet.  Each participate will be taught how to add  all these components together for maximum impact.  Then, our designer will help you hand-tie your bouquet with ribbon, wire or twine.  The finished product can be taken home and placed in a vase and enjoyed for days to come.


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