Color and Floral Trends

Most trends begin in Europe, mainly the ‘fashion’ world. The newest colors and styles are created on the runway or in photo shoots and than passed down to manufactures of less expensive clothing. Then these color trends are normally reflected in furniture and room décor. The East Coast and West Coast normally are the first to pick up these trends and then it slowly is reflected throughout the U.S.

The following is a synopsis taken from – THE AMERICAN FLORAL TRENDS FORECAST – 2008-2009. Sponsored by the California Cut Flower Commission.



A concern for the Earth, its flora and fauna, informs “Habitat”. Gentler, yellowed greens dominate, with touches of blue yielding a calm and natural feeling. Elements include mosses, nests, vines and other natural objects, which are displayed casually and yet somewhat scientifically. 

Flowers and plants of interesting form and texture are showcased. “Habitat provides a restful, serene and studious environment that communicates one’s ecological values, respecting the delicate balance between the Earth and its people.

Botanical prints, Birds, nests and eggs, Specimen plants, Mosses and lichens, Environmental awareness

Callas, Hydrangea, Bupleurum, Delphiniums, Seeded Eucalyptus



“Nocturne” exudes luxury and opulence with a darker edge. This provocative palette is inspired by haute couture and celebrity culture. Lustrous hues of grayed purples, plums and roses combine in over-flowing designs that bring together deeply colored flowers with powerful silhouettes. Light and shadow interplay, with shimmery, glittery elements like burnished gold. Shimmering surfaces, lush fabrics, black crystal and urban nightlife.

Shimmering surfacesLush fabrics and fur, Black crystal/shinny, Burnished gold chandeliers

Purple Orchids, Eggplant/Plum Callas, Gerberas, Deep-toned Stock, Hyacinthus 



A tranquil, calming aura floats through “Whisper,” with neutral, hushed tones of creams, grays and blues. Stronger earth tones, such as brown and charcoal, provide a base, and a hint of dusty coral and shimmery copper adds punch. Texture is crucial, flowers are stylized, not arranged: floated in vessels, placed monobotanically or formed into orbs. Unusual forms with interesting textures are standouts, setting is modern but not sterile. “Whisper” invites us to settle in and let tranquility and texture envelop our senses.

Seashells and sand, Sculptural wooden forms, Rocks, stones and river-rock, Textured fabrics and fringe, Organic forms, Chunky weaves

Proteas, Hybrid Lilies, Leucadendrons, Eucalyptus, Dahlia, Ornithoga;ims/Star of Bethlehem



The bright colors of tribal handicrafts from around the globe4 populate this trend, from golden oranges and saturated blues to deep fuschias and brown-tinged reds – they give the feel of stepping into a faraway bazaar. Handcrafting is evident throughout, in geometric pattered objects. In the floral designs, this same artisan quality is evident. “Nomad” celebrates the wanderlust in each of us and the global influences that shape our world in a vivid, exciting palette.


Exotic/citrus fruit, Handcrafted items, Beading and woven textiles, Pottery, Multicultural influences


Roses, Sunflowers, Delphinium, Artichokes, Kangaroo Paws



“Chinoiserie” (pronounced shen-wah’-zeh-ree), a French tern describing European interpretations of Chinese style from the 17th and 18th centuries, reflects China’s influence as a world power and Westerners’ fascination with the country, the site of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. This updated features a midtone color palette encompassing dominant pink-toned reds as well as lighter purples and greens as complements. Expressive, singular blooms are standouts, and materials are arranged with an Asian sensibility, a respect for the line over mass. Patterns are stylized and precise, “Chinoiserie” offers a new take on cultured style and beauty with its exotic sophistication.


Chinese floral patterns, Cloissone, Embroidered Silks, Birds, butterflies, Classic Asian vases


Oriental Lilies, Tulips, Roses, Chrysanthemums, Blooming Branches

Key Influences

These four overarching trends are global, in that they touch each of the five color palettes and are important directions for the future.



As mass production has proliferated, we crave the connection and satisfaction of taking up simple tools and creating something. This trend values the work of nature artisans and preserving their crafts, from primitive woodwork to fine embroidery.


Our respect for nature is reflected in the growing appeal of natural woods in containers, furniture and accent pieces, which warm our environments. Sustainable sources are sought out, as are natural, sculptural forms.


By changing the scale, we can give something familiar a new edge. Vases and floral elements that are bigger, bolder and oversized ultimately bring greater attention to these sculptural elements and reduce clutter by limiting the number of items used in a setting.


Precious metals form deep in the Earth, and these natural elements are embraced across the palettes in both their shiny and more mineral and burnished forms. Moving beyond just the holidays, metallics are suitable for any time of year and bring sophisticated luminosity to their settings.